Mini Chat: Tom Ross

Tom Ross is the founder and CEO at Design Cuts, the worlds most high quality marketplace for designers. He also mentors thousands of designers to earn more doing what they love.

Brand Strategy Framework + PDF Download!

When I started to design 10 years ago, I always felt like the brands I was creating were incomplete. There always was too much of “pleasing the client” and too little of “making things as proper for their industry/market”. The truth is, when you don’t have the backing of a strategy, your work is left without a justification. Your choices of colors, shapes, fonts and even words will end up being controlled by your client who will feel like (s)he understands your job better than you. But before getting enraged, consider this: when you create a brand without strategy, you leave all the analysis and the part that will make the creative work behind. Well, you can’t really blame the client, right? Now, let’s bust a myth together: A questionnaire is not strategy First of all, ditch the questionnaire altogether; …

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Mini Chat: Ian Paget (@logogeek)

If you are a logo designer, you know Logo Geek (and if you don’t, wtfffff!). In any case, Ian and I connected via his Facebook group, and soon after we were chatting here and there. Ian is an awesome, kind guy, and it’s with pleasure that I drop some REAL value for you!